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Catch Your Falling Star

Winner of the Editor’s Choice Award with iUniverse

In an intimate and diverse collection, Banks shares mostly true short tales, many of which she has either been told or experienced firsthand, that offer individual messages of hope, redemption, magic, blessings, and even a little fairy dust.

Banks invites us into her world where a myriad of real-life characters leave their mark, either through words or actions. Within heartfelt stories that detail her many experiences and encounters that include three young children who reminded her of their ability to understand what might be beyond their tender years, an older client whose life was unknowingly intertwined with hers, and the teacher who became a lifelong friend after a spontaneous tea date, Banks gently reminds anyone ready to hold their hand out and catch their falling star that our purpose in life is to love and be loved, to discover, to always be kind, and to tap into a passion that drives us towards something outside ourselves during the little time we have here on Earth. 

Catch Your Falling Star is a diverse collection of mostly true inspirational stories gathered throughout a lifetime that embody the human spirit. 

Praise for Catch Your Falling Star


"Banks is a skilled storyteller. It feels like she has graciously given a piece of her heart to the readers.”


– Senior Editor, iUniverse

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