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Amazing Grace

Book Two

It is Christmas 1975 as Sebastian Lavalle sits at the dining room table, surrounded by his family, finally reunited after a six-year absence. Although his beautiful wife, Amelia, is now gone, her exuberance shines from within his two grandchildren. As Sebastian joins his children in raising a glass to his late wife, his eyes fill with tears. He does not know it yet, but three years from that Christmas, he will return to France and purchase the old stone house and property his parents once owned. As Sebastian’s childhood home in France becomes a part of his life, the Lavalle family experiences crippling miner strikes, the Falklands War, and severe recessions. When his daughter, Abby, eventually follows her heart to the United States, she is reunited with her soulmate, the young Father Gabriel. As she embarks on a fascinating journey into the unknown, she meets Byron Grant, a world-famous magician, his wife and children, and Byron’s dear friend, Dr Andrew Mason, a divorced father of two. As both men and their families reach out to Abby for different reasons, she finds love in the most unexpected place of all. Amazing Grace continues the multi-faceted, compelling saga of the Lavalle family as their tapestry weaves ordinary events with extraordinary circumstances.

Praise for Amazing Grace

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"Amazing Grace echoes Maeve Binchy’s cozy novels in its chronicling of normal people’s lives and The Thorn Birds for its a tale of forbidden love…" 

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"This dense story is devoted to the intimate, domestic nuances of the past. Its scenes are rich with eye-catching details—of architecture, flowers, and furnishings. The characters’ inner worlds are luscious, too."   

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