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Amelia's Prayer 

Book One

Winner of the Editor’s Choice Award with iUniverse

Winner of the Rising Star Award with iUniverse

Sebastian Lavalle is just 15 when he leaves home in 1934 to join the Navy. Seven years later, Sebastian unfortunately knows all too well about the horrors of World War II and what it is like to fear the unknown. When repairs forced his ship to the rugged shore of Newcastle, the young French naval officer is invited to a tea dance. He seizes the opportunity hoping to find comfort and a small taste of home. Amelia Sullivan, the daughter of Irish immigrant parents, is thrilled to be attending the tea dance. When Sebastian’s eyes find her in the crowd, he drinks in her exotic beauty. Moments later as he draws her into his arms for a dance, there is no doubt in his mind that he has just met the woman of his dreams. Days later, Sebastian professes his love and marries her, sending them both on an unforgettable journey through betrayal, survival, and forgiveness. Their soul searching journey, not only will take the reader from England’s coast to the French Riviera, but also to Tennessee. Their journey explores the many facets and depths of love leading to the realization of what true happiness means.

Praise for Amelia's Prayer

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"With engaging characters, powerful emotion, and a fully realized story, Amelia’s Prayer will appeal to fans of family sagas, although it easily transcends the genre."  


"An epic novel of a romance forged in war and of the couple’s later troubles while raising a family...the quality of the writing and the sweetness of the story will carry romantically inclined readers along to the poignant conclusion."   ​

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"Christiane Banks’s confident style and complex characters make this debut novel a must-read for fans of historical drama, realistic romance, and fiction, one that begs to be enjoyed again and again.

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